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2-5g sugar. 9g fiber. 13 delicious flavors.

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Cream flavor is baaaaaack.

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Healthy Meets Delicious

Enjoy our take on the classic flavors you know and love.

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Pop in the Press

  • It’s gently sweet and creamy, and almost drinks like a dessert.

  • If you didn't know that it contained prebiotic soluble fibers, you wouldn’t even guess that there was something healthy going on.

  • OLIPOP Is the healthy alternative to soda you’ve been searching for.

  • All the flavors are wonderful and sweet, despite only sporting 35–45 calories per can.


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Save 15% on 
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Save 15% on 
every order

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Early access to new flavors.

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Free Shipping, Always.

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Swap, skip or cancel any time.