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The Messy History of American Food

Have you ever stopped and wondered, “Hey, I wonder what shaped Coke into the soda it is today.” Well, good news, your questions are about to be answered on TV with Thrillist’s brand new series “Messy History of American Food” on Discovery+.

What is The Messy History of American Food about?

It’s all in the name: the messy history of our food! As Thrillist X Discovery Plus divulges in their show synopsis, “Dive mouth-first into the history of America's most iconic food. In a wild ride that's fun, surprising and educational, experts illuminate the messiest origin stories of American food and food culture.” You can check out the official show trailer here.

And why is OLIPOP talking about it?

Ben, OLIPOP's co-founder, CEO and master formulator, is now a huge Hollywood star! (Okay, that might not be 100% true…) On May 18th, Ben hopped on episode three, “The Messy History of Soda '' and discussed soda/OLIPOP’s history as well as the overall market opportunity for healthy sodas.

Where to watch The Messy History of American Food?

You can watch the show (and our CEO’s big tv debut) on Discovery Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

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