The microbiome refers to the collection of micro-organisms that live on, in and around our body. A critical part of overall human well-being, these tiny cells support healthy bodily functioning!

The planet Earth with a pair of lovely legs.

We are a walking planet!

Our bacterial friends outnumber our human cells 7:1. We have nearly 800 different types of micro-organisms in our digestive tract alone.

The micro-organisms that are the best for us are called Probiotics. Their favorite foods are fibers called Prebiotics. They need a wide range of prebiotics to thrive and work at their best.

The microbiome impacts almost every aspect of our health. Researchers now link the digestive microbiome to our immune health, allergies, inflammation, digestive function, mood, stress management and mental clarity. It’s also being studied for it’s implications in a wide-range of disease treatments and prevention.

A twisty line connecting the word "Brain" to "Gut".

One of the most exciting aspects of the microbiome is the brain gut axis. We make the majority of our neurotransmitters and hormones in our gut!

These compounds directly impact our mood, mental functioning and have a significant impact on our overall body.

“Our gut was our original brain millions of years ago and still has a profound impact on our mental state.”