A hand pouring a can of Strawberry Vanilla OLIPOP into a tall glass.

The healthy alternative to soda.

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OLIPOP is the first clinically backed digestive health drink that benefits the microbiome, digestive function and metabolic health.

Olipop prebiotic soda cans.
Olipop Ginger Lemon soda displayed on a bright yellow cube.
A collection of Olipop ingredients
Someone pouring Olipop strawberry vanilla soda into a frosty glass.


These things are better than even the real thing. 70’s Coca Cola pun intended.


Ummmmm how is it possible to be physically attracted to an aluminum can?


i mean... if anything was made for me, it's this.

Olipop is gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, paleo, and has no added sugars!

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We believe it’s just as important to make a tasty product as it is to make an effective one

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A can of Olipop Ginger and Lemon soda.
A magnifying glass showing pre-biotic and pro-biotic organisms.

Digestive health starts with your diet. We’ve learned a lot in the last ten years about how to nourish a strong microbiome

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