The Best of the Bunch

Our most requested flavor is finally here!

A bright illustration of two people riding a tandem bicycle while drinking OLIPOP. A waving "feed life" flag trails behind them.

I could drink as many of these in one sitting as I can eat slices of that fresh out-the-oven cherry pie. 🍒

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OLIPOP Cherry Vanilla gets the stamp of approval from the whole family -- even my dad, who's a hardcore "regular" soda drinker. 🥤

@Theresa H.
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Perfect drink for warm summer days and an instant pick me up. 🍒🌞

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After learning how bad soda was for me and only having them on rare occasions, with cane sugar, I finally stopped drinking soda. Then I discovered Olipop! I was instantly hooked!

@Bridgette D.
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This root beer is great. It has all the taste of regular root beer but feels light. I feel satisfied but not weighed down. 🌱

@William W.
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