Engineering Sustainability Into Every Can

Core Beliefs & Founding Principles

  • OLIPOP was founded by Ben and David as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with the goal of reducing the world’s consumption of sugary beverages, while promoting humanity’s collective intake of fiber and prebiotics.

  • As part of our commitment to help heal the planet, we’re dedicated to going the extra mile when it comes to sourcing and sustainability, and act with this goal in mind at every level of our company. From ethical and sustainable sourcing in our Supply Chain, to how we hire and the culture we build, to how we get our products out into the world, we’ve examined how things have traditionally been done, and created our own unique, forward-thinking way of operating.

  • The result is our incredible team doing everything we can to revolutionize the soda market in a way that not only improves the health of those who drink our products, but also improves the health of the planet.

Multiple Cans of Classic Root Beer

It starts with our packaging...

  • Aluminum cans are some of the most sustainable packaging materials available today, as they are infinitely recyclable, with nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced still in use today (~65 % of America's aluminum is currently recycled)

  • Every minute an average of 123,097 aluminum cans are recycled.

  • On average, Americans recycle 2 out of every 3 aluminum cans they use.

  • Our average aluminum can contains more than 70% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Over time, we plan to increase that percentage through continued iteration and innovation.

And continues everywhere else.

Multiple Cans of Classic Root Beer
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    Life Cycle Assessment

    We're conducting an LCA to identify ways to enhance efficiency throughout our Supply Chain. This will provide us with a better understanding of the impact of our products, enabling us to concentrate our efforts on areas for improvement such as incorporating more post-consumer recycled content in our packaging or sourcing more local ingredients

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    Supply Chain Transparency

    OLIPOP prioritizes transparency in its supply chain by regularly evaluating and improving upstream manufacturing processes, surveying suppliers on sustainability practices, collaborating with partners to increase sustainability, adhering to international social and environmental standards, and ensuring fair wages and benefits for business partners

  • Health and Wellness Icon

    Health and Wellness

    We are dedicated to promoting diversity, health, fair wages, and safe labor practices for our employees, partners, and customers by offering safe and healthy job opportunities, increasing nutrition access and education, supporting Food as Medicine initiatives, tracking the health impact of our products, and partnering with and supporting philanthropic organizations aligned with our social and environmental values

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    Our education efforts aim to increase scientific and psychological literacy for employees and the public, educate them about incorporating sustainability in their lives and businesses, and create a replicable business and sustainability model to inspire others in the industry

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    No Commute

    As a remote company from the outset, we've decided to maintain this model and forgo a physical office to decrease emissions by eliminating daily commutes

Recycling Resources

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Earth 911

Search for curbside information and other recycling locations by zip code or postal code and material type at Earth911.

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Search for recycling information by zip code, postal code, or city and state using Keep America Beautiful’s search engine.

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Now let's talk about what's IN the can...