Can of Orange Squeeze

We're all just bacteria baby


At the end of the day and since the dawn of time, we’ve always just been bacteria.  Each of us possesses our own unique microbiome: a multi-trillion sized army of single cell organisms that protect us against germs, break down our meals, release energy and produce vitamins. It’s our job to feed the little armies that live within us, so that they can continue to fight to keep us healthy. Lucky for you, bacteria has excellent taste.

A family of four enjoying Olipop.

Who ordered
the prebiotics?

The probiotics did. 
Hundreds of strains of probiotics (a.k.a. good
bacteria) naturally exist within our digestive tracts, and they’re  hungry just like us. So instead of popping more hungry bacteria in there, consider getting those guys something to eat... or in this case drink.

A watering can full of green leaves and bugz

Hunters & Gatherers &

We know all this because the research told us so. Scientists have found a correlation between digestive health and a hunter gatherer style diet.

That’s a diet that’s nutritious, diverse, fruit-full, vegetable-stuffed and fiber-filled.

A person in a pink top leaning back and reading a book.

But make it
21st Century

The truth is, the average person doesn't have the time to wander through the woods picking berries and digging for roots. That’s why we went wandering and digging, like urban hunters and gatherers, trying to solve this puzzle for all of us. And that’s exactly how we wound up making OLIPOP. A delicious drink designed to bring you all the ingredients and benefits of an age old diet, and the ability to hold it all in the palm of your hand.

Two potted green plants with a can of Olipop.

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