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Care for what’s already there

We already have hundreds of different strains of beneficial probiotics in our digestive tract, so while there can be some benefit in taking probiotic supplements, we really need to focus on using our diet to correctly support the ones we already have and the home they live in.

A watering can full of green leaves and bugs.

Feed your good bacteria

That’s right! These allies in our gut need a meal too, and their favorite foods are fiber and prebiotics. Researchers have identified a correlation between digestive health and a hunter gatherer style diet. That is a diet high in nutrient diversity (different types of foods) and fruits and vegetables that are a natural source of fiber and prebiotics.

Hunter Gatherers consume more that 10x the amount of fiber as the average American. Hunter Gatherers consume more that 10x the amount of fiber as the average American.
Daily Intake of Dietary Fiber in Grams
Population Dietary Fiber
Average Americans 10
FDA 25
WHO 30
Hunter Gatherer 150

1 Pontzer, Wood, Raichlen 2018. Hunter-gatherers as models in public health. Obesity Review 19(Suppl 1), 24-35rs.

“Taking probiotics without addressing underlying digestive health is like planting seeds in the desert and hoping a forest will grow.”

Ben Goodwin
Several healthy green plants and delicious looking fruits.

Urban Hunter Gatherer

We’re not going back to a hunter gatherer lifestyle anytime soon, but we designed OLIPOP to bring you some of the benefits of that diet in a delicious and convenient format.

Each can of OLIPOP has a range of eight different plant based ingredients to benefit digestive health and 9g of dietary fiber.