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Out of the Fire: 8 BBQ Essentials You Need

Posted Sep 02, 2021 Updated Mar 04, 2024

Now that our Out of the Fire experience is over, you can say we've learned a thing or two about hosting BBQs. From figuring out how to make everyone feel comfortable, to learning how to use all of the tools at our disposal, while we're still not experts, we're getting close! So, to save you some time and get you excited for your next BBQ, we dug around on what we liked most during this experience so you can give them a try yourself!

1. The Ultimate Grill

Mixologist Lauren Paylor working with the Traeger Grill

Looking for a solid grill that will last for years and years? Look no further than the Traeger Grill. A grill that will last even if you're an outdoor cook fanatic, Traeger grills are worth the hype. The innovators behind the original wood pellet Traeger grills have revolutionized the industry with their "set and forget" operation.

2. Basting Brush 

Chef Mei Lin with the GIR Basting Brush

Created for accuracy and productivity, GIR Basting Brushes are perfect for every task, big or small!


3. Cooking Ware

Great Jones' Dutch Oven the "Dutchess"

On a mission to empower home cooks and help them feel prepared and proud in their kitchens, Great Jones has virtually everything BBQ enthusiasts need to make their meal. Our eyes are on their Dutch oven "Dutchess," a vibrant enameled cast iron pot essential that has potential for a variety of BBQ needs, and their Pie Dish, which has retro 70s baking vibes that will hold delicious treats for years to come.


4. Cocktails

Mixologist Lauren Paylor using the Viski Cocktail Set

Cocktails are a must at BBQs, and here to help you shake, stir, and muddle is this seven-piece set from Viski.

Pro Tip: try grilling some fresh fruit and adding it to your cocktails for a little extra special cocktail treat!

5. Glassware

Chefs using the West Elm Acrylic Glassware

Never break a glass again, and instead, keep your BBQs retro with this West Elm Acrylic Glassware

6. Keep it on ice

A variety of OLIPOP sodas in a Galvanized Party Tub full of ice

Although obvious, ice is often forgotten in the mad dash of preparing for a dinner party or BBQ. Make sure you never forget with W&P ice cube trays, and make sure you have a place to put them all with this Galvanized Party Tub!

7. Knives

Chefs using the Japanese Kitchen Knives

When your knives are dull, your meal is dull! Well, sort of. Never worry about that issue again with these Japanese Kitchen Knives. With the perfect knives for chopping and cutting, your prep work will be all the more enjoyable, thanks to their clean cuts.


A variety of OLIPOP Soda Flavors

No BBQ is complete without some OLIPOP! With eight delicious flavors, your best bet is ordering a variety pack so that everyone is happy!

Plus, browse our OLIPOP infused recipes on the blog here!

Cheat Sheet
  • Although obvious, ice is often forgotten in the mad dash of preparing for a dinner party or BBQ.
  • When your knives are dull, your meal is dull!
  • No BBQ is complete without some OLIPOP!
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