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Crisp Apple Deep Dive

Meet Crisp Apple

While the days get cooler and shorter, Crisp Apple makes every day worth celebrating. Like sparkling apple juice and gummy apple rings blending into one festive drink, Crisp Apple is tantalizingly sweet and perfect for raising a glass (or can) to traditions both new and old.

Crisp Apple Inspiration Story

Crisp Apple's flavor inspiration came from a variety of sources. First, thank our cofounder, David Lester, who insisted on making this flavor. After asking Ben Goodwin, our cofounder and formulator, for years to make it have a flavor that reminded him of his childhood and home in the UK, Ben sufficed.

To make the flavor, Ben drew from his favorite memories of drinking sparkling Martinelli's apple cider. Ben pulled from cherished memories of the refreshing taste of carbonated apple juice with the perfectly balanced flavor profile (crisp and sweet).

However, Ben knew he had to add the quintessential OLIPOP touch and, therefore, wanted to evolve and blend the soda and comfort elements into something familiar and unique. To accomplish this, he experimented with tons of apple blends and flavors. Ultimately, he mixed in some delicious apricot juice for an outcome that tasted like a cross between that sparkling apple cider he grew up sipping and a satisfying apple gummy ring. To top off the holiday specialness and lean into our limited edition's fall and winter release date, our Crisp Apple is in our first holiday can design, making it the perfect seasonal treat in every way.

Crisp Apple Nutrition

In addition to creating the iconic fall and winter flavor, we imparted nutritional benefits to our version. Unlike traditional Crisp Apples, our version has significantly less sugar at 5g and swaps the artificial ingredients for plant-based ingredients and 9g of fiber.

Like all of our sodas, Crisp Apple is made with an in-house proprietary blend we dubbed OLISMART that consists of eight unique botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics (the primo food source for beneficial bacteria), each hand-picked for their biome-supporting benefits. Our OLISMART blend combines three different prebiotic fibers—chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, and cassava fiber—that feed the gut microbiome.

Where To Purchase Crisp Apple

Want to give this crisp, refreshing flavor a sip? We can't say we blame you! You can buy all of our flavors on our website. Additionally, you can grab a can from Whole Foods. Take a look at our store locator for more information.

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