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Meet the Creators Behind Our Investor Announcement

Posted Feb 25, 2022 Updated Feb 28, 2024

After completing a successful Series B funding round, we knew we had to do something to show our investors just how thankful we were for their contributions and for believing in our product, brand, and mission. We put our heads together and decided that visually bringing this exciting company moment to life was the ultimate gesture of our appreciation. Therefore, we commissioned digital artists to create these OLI-themed portraits.

While you may know the people depicted in the portraits, we wanted to give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the creative brains behind the assets and shed light on why we chose them for this thrilling company moment. Meet Raj Dhunna, Natalia Agatte, and Sam Hadley.

Meet Raj Dhunna

Based in West London, Raj is an Illustrator and Image maker focused on mark making, digital and print making techniques for his practice. As well as illustrating, he also works as digital designer and motion graphics designer. Clients Include Adidas, Nike, Umbro, The Face, The Guardian, BBC, Wired UK, Inter Milan, Merky Books and of course, OLIPOP, among many many more.

Photo of Raj Dhunna

Raj's OLIPOP Investor Images

Anj Acharia, entrepreneur, philanthropist, pop culture enthusiast and Angel Investor/Advisor and who was recently named on Billboard’s ‘International Power Players’ List.

Illustration of Anj Acharia

Mindy Kaling, actress, comedian, screenwriter, producer, director, and author.

Illustration of Mindy Kaling

Payal Kadakia Pujji, Founder of Classpass, Artistic Director of The Sa Dance Company and author of LifePass. 

Illustration of Payal Kadakia Pujji

Priyanka Chopra, actress, model and singer.

Illustration of Priyanka Chopra

How Did You First Get Into Drawing?

I took to drawing naturally; I think translating what I see into marks and shapes fascinated me. Drawing kept me focused and helped me stay occupied if nobody was around. Also, I think because you can get results from drawing pretty quickly, you'll understand if you're into something you've done (or not into it) pretty soon after creating it.

When I was a kid, I was always drawing things from Cartoon characters, athletes, and musicians. Then, getting older, I kept that same enthusiasm, drawing in school on my diary covers that my friends and other kids would want. So I'd draw on these transparent diary covers (drawing footballers or musicians that people liked) and sell them. It was cool knowing that my friends and even kids I didn't know wanted their stuff personalized by me.

When Did You Transition To Digital Art?

In my third year of university, I used a drawing tablet for the first time and thought it was magic. I've never been able to apply color that well to my work with traditional media, so to do it immediately digitally felt like cheating in a way. So my goal since then was to create work where the viewer knows a person has made it and has personality and textures in there from my sketchbook work.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About What This Project Meant To You Specifically?

When the project first came around, I was excited to capture four successful women through illustration. After researching more and making sure I capture a likeness for them, it took me down into a rabbit hole of how I can portray them and get the tone of voice right. To illustrate four Indian women, first of all, is something I found a lot of joy in, to then know that these are people I admire for their craft and what they've achieved was a bonus. I've tried to encapsulate their individuality while being linked through the bright OLIPOP color palette.

Where Did You Get Inspiration From When We Handed You The Brief?

Immediately seeing the bright colors, OLIPOP has given me a vision of how this could look. I wanted to nod to the look and feel of OLIPOP and what it made me think of - the fun, vintage vibe and clean.

I then looked at photos of Anj, Mindy, Payal & Priyanka and wanted them to have a similar position within the composition. The piece's focus is to be on their face and identity, giving you all the information you need through eye contact or their smiles.

What Is Your Go-To Beverage While You Draw?

When I'm drawing, I usually have water with me, a Cup of English breakfast tea, blackcurrant cordial, orange cordial. Not all at the same time. But if I'm looking to spoil myself, a ginger beer goes down quickly.

Favorite Meal You've Ever Had?

Mum's cooking is no doubt my favorite meal, But in second place, it would be chili paneer with some fresh naan. And third place would be hot and spicy ramen with some buns.

Meet Natalia Agatte

Photo of Natalia Agatte

Natalia is a Brazilian illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She loves working with colors, textures, and lights to portray diversity in womanhood, with a little bit of fashion. She is currently represented by Synader, a women-owned agency that represents a dynamic and diverse group of illustrators, animators, designers and visual artists from around the world

Natalia's OLIPOP Investor Image

Camila Cabello, singer and songwriter

Photo of Camilla Cabello

How Did You First Get Into Drawing?

Since I can remember, I have always loved drawing, especially characters and clothes.

When Did You Transition To Digital Art?

Around six years ago. I previously worked with watercolor.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About What This Project Meant To You Specifically?

Being a Latina immigrant myself, I was super happy to be invited to draw Camila, another Latina immigrant who is so open about her immigration story and Hispanic roots.

Where Did You Get Inspiration From When We Handed You The Brief?

Camila's favorite Olipop flavor is strawberry vanilla, so I thought about bringing these flavors together in the form of colors and looking for a warm and fresh look.

What Is Your Go-To Beverage While You Draw?

I love flavored sparkling water! I drink it all day, every day!

Favorite Meal You've Ever Had?

I have a tough time choosing my favorite anything, so I'm going to say my three favorite cuisines: Mexican, Italian and Indian!

Meet Sam Hadley

Illustration of LOGIC

Sam is a digital artist who has worked on various projects, ranging from advertising and packaging to publishing and editorial. An experienced and versatile illustrator, Sam can take on challenges big and small, from logos and branding to hand-painting murals and everywhere (and everything) in between.

Sam's OLIPOP Investor Images

Logic and Phil Rosenthal

Illustration of Phil Rosenthal

How Did You First Get Into Drawing?

I always loved the illustrations on toy boxes when I was a kid, and I copied the Transformers illustrations and comics. I was fascinated with how the image was a painting but looked so realistic.

When Did You Transition To Digital Art?

I was a bit of a latecomer. I painted everything by hand for the first ten years or so of my career. I love both. Digital is so flexible and faster, but you can't beat paint on canvas or board for the genuine pleasure of painting.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About What This Project Meant To You Specifically?

Portraiture is my favorite thing to work on, and it's always nice to work with interesting people. Both Logic and Phil are great characters and make for unusual subjects. Plus, I learned about Olipop's products.

Where Did You Get Inspiration From When We Handed You The Brief?

I wanted to make something bright and colorful and was inspired by the can artwork. I used colors from the brand and elements from the cans as backgrounds for the portraits.

What Is Your Go-To Beverage While You Draw?

I'm a Brit living in Ireland- so obviously, I drink tea! I'll have to find an OLIPOP supplier here.

Favorite Meal You've Ever Had?

Not a meal, but I once had a breakfast burrito in Ventura I've never forgotten. Fifteen years ago, at least, and never bettered!

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