OLIPOP at the Annual Food Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE)

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OLIPOP at the Annual Food Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE)

Posted Oct 31, 2023 Updated Mar 04, 2024

This past month, the OLIPOP team hit the road to exhibit at the annual Food Nutrition Conference & Expo in Denver, Colorado. For those of you who are less familiar with FNCE, it is the world’s largest meeting of food, nutrition, and dietetics experts who come together to learn about new research in the field and enjoy the expo floor. The expo floor is filled with hundreds of exhibitors who showcase fun new products, tools, and resources to help build educational awareness about some of the most exciting products on the market, including OLIPOP!

OLIPOP: Proud Sponsor of the Annual Food Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE)

OLIPOP was a proud sponsor of FNCE this year and our outreach to the registered dietitian and nutrition professionals’ community was a hit! According to FNCE organizers, over 7,000 RDs attended FNCE this year. Our team did an amazing job interacting with RDs and sampling OLIPOP on the expo floor. Here are some of the fun photos from the expo floor:

OLIPOP at FNCE conference
OLIPOP at FNCE conference

Highlights From the OLIPOP Booth at FNCE

Here are some fun stats from the expo floor:

  • Expo participants sampled 88 cases of OLIPOP in 2.5 days
  • Our team shared over 9,504 grams of fiber 
  • We reduced over 35,904 grams of sugar (vs. a full sugar soda equivalent)
  • We received over 200 new RD sign-ups for our registered dietitian program

OLIPOP Connects With RDs to Gain Valuable Insights About Our Brand

In addition to the expo floor, we were proud sponsors of various dietetic practice group (DPG) events including the Sports Human Performance Nutrition reception and the Cardiovascular Health and Well-being reception. We also had the unique opportunity to conduct a focus group with a select number of RDs to gain some insights about our brand. 

Here’s what we learned:

  • RDs appreciate that OLIPOP is a science-based company that values healthcare practitioners, including RDs.
  • RDs love recommending OLIPOP to various patients and clients across the health spectrum. It’s a beverage that can fit practically into your diet whether you are a competitive athlete or a busy family who struggles to get enough fiber in your diet.
  • RDs can’t wait to see what’s next from the brand (more product innovations, please!)

Last, but certainly not least, we held an RD appreciation dinner at Earl’s Kitchen in Denver. The OLIPOP team was so impressed with the unique roles that RDs play in various settings such as retail, private practice, healthcare, academia/research, and the media. A big THANK YOU to this community for helping Americans with key pillars that our brand supports including sugar reduction efforts and helping to fill the fiber gap. We are excited to see you again next fall in Minneapolis!


OLIPOP at FNCE conference
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