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Celebrate March Madness with OLIPOP

Posted Mar 16, 2023 Updated Mar 04, 2024

In the spirit of March Madness, we sat down with three of our OLIPOP student-athletes to talk about what nutrition means to them, why they love OLIPOP, and which flavor is their favorite. Check out their answers, crack open an OLIPOP, and enjoy the games!

Kendall Folley

College: East Tennessee State University

Position: Point Guard

How important is nutrition to you: Very important! I have learned in college that how you treat your body is going to impact how you feel and how you play. It is very important to feed your body the right things!

Favorite OLIPOP flavor: Classic Grape

Why do you drink OLIPOP: OLIPOP is a great soda that always leaves me feeling refreshed!

When do you drink OLIPOP: Whenever I’m craving a flavored drink, OLIPOP is my first thought!!

Hiram Alexander

College: Wilmington University

Position: Combo Guard

How important is nutrition to you: Nutrition is super important to me! The better things I put into my body the better I feel.

Favorite OLIPOP flavor: Classic Root Beer

Why do you drink OLIPOP: It allows me to drink soda in a healthy way which I never thought was possible. It tastes delicious too!

When do you drink OLIPOP: All the time, while playing video games, with my meals, sometimes maybe even after practice when I want something tasty to drink!

Chloe Chapman


College: University of Georgia

Position: Guard

How important is nutrition to you: As an athlete, nutrition is super important to me so I can perform at my very best!

Favorite OLIPOP flavor: Strawberry Vanilla

Why do you drink OLIPOP: OLIPOP is a like a delicious soda without all the bad ingredients that are in traditional sodas, it’s a win win.

When do you drink OLIPOP: After practice, with dinner, and on weekends!

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