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Working at OLIPOP: Why We Use JOON

Posted May 16, 2022 Updated Apr 15, 2024

OLIPOP is the new, prebiotic soda that is disrupting the soft drinks market. With flavors ranging from Vintage Cola to Strawberry Vanilla, OLIPOP achieves a familiar taste without being packed with sugar. But it’s rapid success hasn’t only depended on wholesome ingredients – the company also takes a forward-thinking approach to employee experience that has enabled it to hire and retain top talent throughout the pandemic.

“Wellness is absolutely foundational to what we are looking to provide to society, including our team,” says Ben Goodwin, Cofounder and CEO. “People need meaning, progress, and warm personal connections to be happy and energized. When someone arrives to an environment built like this they tend to want to stick around.”

Putting Values Into Practice

As OLIPOP rapidly scaled, the company’s People Team needed a solution that could align with their values and increasingly diverse workforce.

The company sought a wellness solution that went beyond ‘checking the box’ and that would be utilized by the overwhelming majority of employees. They picked JOON due to its seamless administration and flexibility for benefits recipients.

“We’ve always been a values and mission-driven organization and we’ve always tried to have real human connection and empathy, which inevitably leads to higher levels of wellness and health,” says Goodwin. “JOON allows us to structure our employee support even better and takes a lot of the administrative lift off of our plates.”

Happier and Healthier Employees

The results have been profound. About 75% of OLIPOP’s employees use their wellness benefits each month. The company has a #teamhealth Slack channel where employees spread inspiration for wellness. Employees commonly share posts thanking the company’s JOON benefit for experiences such as going to the sauna or chiropractor.

“JOON’s ability to flexibly tackle the backend of the employee wellness system has really allowed us to focus on the content and integration with the team,” says Goodwin. “As a result we have very high usage of our employee wellness program and it’s helped a lot of folks in our company.”

Many companies offer ambitious missions and visions for the future, but fall short of actually practicing what they preach. OLIPOP is a shining example of a company that is making the world a better place beginning with its people.

“JOON has been instrumental in helping us recreate our wellness-focused culture in a distributed environment,” says Ben Goodwin, Cofounder and CEO. “Their wellness benefits platform makes it easy for us to empower employees to practice positive habits that support their health and happiness. This makes our company feel even more like a family, helps us be proactive about burnout, and keeps our best people around for longer.”

*DISCLAIMER*: This article was taken from JOON's website, written by Jonathan Sooshani, co-founder of JOON. You can find the direct interview HERE.

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