Pantry Perfection

NEW Multi-Packs Available at Select Stores

While most of our flavors require refrigeration, our NEW multi-packs can be conveniently stored at room temperature. Rolling out to select stores, you can now find OLIPOP in the traditional soda aisle and other sections of the store at room temperature along with our original flavors in the refrigerated section.

Which is good news for you: not only can you enjoy digestive health support and the same refreshing flavor but you can now also stock your pantry with OLIPOP and never be caught empty-handed!

To differentiate between our new room temperature and refrigerated options, please refer to this handy sheet here.

Find our new multi-packs at:


The following flavors you know and love are now also sold in a shelf-stable option!


Read our FAQ or please feel free to email if you have any other questions!