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Cherry Cola Deep Dive

Meet Cherry Cola

Imagine your favorite cherry soda. Now imagine it made with real spices, tart cherry juice, and bursting with authentic cola's crave-worthy collision of sweet and dark flavors. That's what you're holding in your hands (or reading about right now): a better-for-you remix of a traditionally artificial soda, ready for you to take the first sip.

Cherry Cola Inspiration Story

There was much thought, consideration, and discussion around Cherry Cola. The idea of making the soda garnered a lot of excitement with our team….but we didn't know if it made sense to create and launch the flavor considering we already have two similar flavors, Cherry Vanilla and Vintage Cola, on the market. But as the flavor requests continued to roll in, Cherry Cola kept presenting itself and made it to Number 4 on the list of most requested flavors.

So, we knew we had to get to work. Our next step was creating a flavor that matched the quintessential cherry cola soda but had a unique OLIPOP touch and was distinct from the other flavors we have on market. To accomplish this, our CEO, co-founder, and formulator, Ben Goodwin, created a unique "dark" version of our cola flavor by adding some secret ingredients to heighten the flavor and a splash of tart cherry juice and a custom-made black cherry top note.

Cherry Cola Nutrition

In addition to creating the iconic cola flavor, we imparted nutritional benefits to our version. Unlike traditional Cherry Colas, our version has significantly less sugar at 5g and swaps the artificial ingredients for plant-based ingredients like real cherry and fruit juice that help provide its sweet flavor and 9g of fiber.

Like all of our sodas, Cherry Cola is made with an in-house proprietary blend we dubbed OLISMART that consists of eight unique botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics (the primo food source for beneficial bacteria), each hand-picked for their biome-supporting benefits. Our OLISMART blend combines three different prebiotic fibers—chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, and cassava fiber—that feed the gut microbiome.

Where To Purchase Cherry Cola

Want to give this classic flavor a sip? We can't say we blame you! You can <a href="">buy all of our flavors</a> on our website. Additionally, this flavor is exclusively sold on

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