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Get To Know the OLIPOP Flavors

Posted Jun 02, 2021 Updated Jun 28, 2024

OLIPOP evokes memories and unparalleled tastes that feel like childhood. Tangy ginger and lemon, nostalgic strawberry pop, classic flavors of root beer and cola, and more. Life experiences tend to intertwine with flavors. And we've managed to remind you of your favorite flavors without the guilt (aka sugar) that is traditionally associated with indulgent food and beverages.

We know, you're probably wondering: how did we take a drink that's traditionally packed with processed sugar and artificial ingredients and make it healthy and equally delicious? A little bit of magic and a whole lot of science.

Our natural ingredients come together to promote healthy digestion by feeding the microbiome that exists within all of us. Every can of OLIPOP has a special blend we refer to as OLISMART. It's a combination of various microbiome-supportive functional ingredients that help feed beneficial gut bacteria for your microbiome's diverse population. A nourishing combination of plant fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals, OLISMART creates a sweet and healthy taste that sugar-loaded soda can't even compete with.

OLIPOP Flavors

Currently, we have 16 nostalgic and delicious OLIPOP flavors:


If you've ever picked up a can, then you’re aware that, like Power Rangers, each flavor comes with a bright, unique color. What you might not know is that each flavor also happens to have its very own personality.

    Not sure if you’ve been formally introduced to your favorite flavor’s personality? Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. Let us introduce you to our rambunctious and loving crew so you can get to know our soda on a deeper level.

    Ginger Ale

    A timeless classic... but with a modern twist.

    Made with sweet lime, tart quince, and real ginger root, we took the old-school Ginger Ale flavor to new heights. This new flavor pays homage to the ginger ale you grew up sipping… but with a modern, elevated twist and a refreshingly sweet, mildly spiced flavor that will have you feeling all sorts of fancy.

    As for this soda's personality, Ginger Ale is deliciously sophisticated yet humble in its roots (see what we did there?). It's not new, not sexy, and that's kind of what's cool about it. Because let's be clear, Ginger Ale is cool. But not the intimidating kind of cool. Instead, Ginger Ale has a kind of subtle, spicy charm that sets it apart from the crowd. They can add a little zest to any situation, and their calming and soothing presence makes them a good friend to turn to during turbulent times.

    Classic Root Beer

    Combines the rich, sweet, and creamy flavor you know and love with the complex nutrients you need!


    Our Classic Root Beer is packed with prebiotics, plant fibers, and botanicals for a gut boost that feels as good as it tastes. In short, our Classic Root Beer redefines the meaning of classic.


    As a flavor, Root Beer is an ex-party animal. Well, for the most part. Still the life of every room (and refrigerator) it enters, Classic Root Beer knows how to have a good time. Despite our parental tendencies to protect Root Beer, it tries almost anything once and you can count on the other flavors to follow wherever Root Beer goes because they know a good time is in their future if they do.

    Vintage Cola

    Old fashion taste, new fashion ingredients.


    Sure, polar bears are cute, but we prefer our cola with a little something more. Our small-batch, fiber-filled Vintage Cola has the same nostalgic taste you grew up sipping, but with added notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel. Plus, it's filled with gut-supporting prebiotics and nutrients to keep things moving.

    Perhaps we created the monster ourselves by insisting it is better than regular Cola, but Vintage Cola is...well...sometimes a bit bougie. For starters, Vintage Cola only watches black and white movies. But alongside its fancy-pants disposition is its fiercely loyal side. Honest and sincere, you always know where you stand with Vintage Cola because it likes what it likes, means what it says, and says what it means.

    Watermelon Lime

    OLIPOP Watermelon Lime Can on top of a watermelon floatie

    A wave of juicy refreshment that captures the magic of summer in one ice-cold can.

    Welcome to the land of watermelon waterfalls and lime lagoons, where your tastebuds wear sarongs and sip on juicy, refreshing soda. Say hello to Watermelon Lime! It's that candy-like flavor you’ve always loved but in liquid form. With a mix of watermelon, tart cherry, and lime juice, this bubbly soda balances brightness with a crave-worthy pop of sweetness.

    And get ready because Watermelon Lime is the life of the party. But when there's not a party to be had there's a good chance you'll find Watermelon Lime hanging poolside or hanging ten on the surfboard. They're simply too refreshed to be stressed. And when you’re this chill, nothing can bring down your vibe. 

    Cream Soda

    Cream Soda OLIPOP

    Better than spooning fluffy, sweet marshmallow cream straight out of the jar...


    Our Cream Soda blends irresistibly decadent natural vanilla flavors with premium pure vanilla extract for a sumptuous, smooth soda you’ll savor. This highly requested flavor is as refreshing as it is delicious. Plus it's a delightful soda you can feel good about sipping.


    As for its personality, Cream Soda is like a warm, welcoming hug. It's the supportive friend you can always turn to for advice, who's ready with a smile and helpful words of wisdom. There's something comforting and familiar about Cream Soda. Even Cherry Cola has shared its deepest secrets with Cream Soda! But it will never reveal because this soda is loyal to the end.

    Classic Grape

    We gave grape an upgrade.


    Made from real concord grape juice with a hint of lime to create the perfect blend of sweet and tart, our Classic Grape is the nostalgic soda flavor you know and love—all grown up. Only, our take on the traditionally unhealthy soda only contains 4 grams of sugar and just 45 calories. Talk about a glow-up!


    Classic Grape is a kid at heart, always up for a fun time (and sometimes getting into a bit of trouble!). You could say it's the class clown of the group, making everyone laugh with its jokes and soda can impressions. But it's hard not to love this can with its goofy smile and dad jokes. You can always count on it to brighten up whatever refrigerator it walks into. 

    Lemon Lime

    Lemon Lime

    Like a sweet key lime pie with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

    Join us in Lemon Lime Land, where gut health meets refreshingly delicious taste. Tart apple, quince, and lemon combine with cassava root syrup and natural key lime flavor for a slightly sweet, tangy beverage. Then add in the gut-boosting prebiotics from our OLISMART blend and you've got a match made in digestive health heaven. It's so refreshing it'll make you say, "ahhhhhhh."

    With a personality just like its taste, Lemon Lime is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. One moment they're radiating positivity and enthusiasm, and the next they're bringing the zest and telling it how it is. But it's hard to stay away from this soda's electrifying presence and bubbly personality! 

    Orange Squeeze

    Deliciously citrus & ready to be your main squeeze.

    Our nostalgic take on a childhood favorite, Orange Squeeze, is the classic orange soda taste you know and love, only this time crafted with real ingredients (and bonus points: it gives you an immunity boost, too!).

    With a bright and fun exterior, Orange Squeeze's personality is just what you'd expect it would be. Rain or shine, Orange Squeeze hits the beach every day and makes the most out of life. Sunny and optimistic, Orange Squeeze spearheads the affirmation circle every time it can, hoping to make everyone feel a little better about themselves with every meeting.

    Cherry Cola

    A flavor that matches the quintessential cherry cola soda but with a unique OLIPOP touch.


    Imagine your favorite cherry soda. Now imagine it made with real spices, tart cherry juice, and bursting with authentic cola's crave-worthy collision of sweet and dark flavors. That's Cherry Cola! Featuring some secret ingredients to heighten the flavor, this better-for-you remix of a traditionally artificial soda is ready for you to take the first sip. 


    But don't get Cherry Cola confused with its close cousins Cherry Vanilla and Vintage Cola! Because this soda is unique in its own way. Cherry Cola's personality has the smooth appeal of Cherry Vanilla with the confidence of Vintage Cola. But there is something mysterious about Cherry Cola. You could say it's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (inside a soda can). And we're all just eager to know more.

    Banana Cream

    Melds creamy vanilla and sweet banana for a taste best described as banana cream pie in a can. 

    Was it the creamy vanilla or the indulgent banana or just the fact that we put a pie in a can? Whatever it was, y’all went absolutely bananas for Banana Cream when we launched our Minions-inspired flavor back in June of 2022. So we decided to bring Banana Cream back for good! And this surprisingly delightful soda is unlike anything we've created before. 

    As for this soda's personality, it's safe to say that Banana Cream is the oddball of the group. And they're proud of that! Unapologetically themselves, Banana Cream is wild and wacky, with what some might describe as a Minion-like personality. But that's what makes them so lovable (and delicious). 

    Strawberry Vanilla

    It’s modern, classic, and berry delicious.

    An updated take on the classic fruity cream soda, Strawberry Vanilla combines real strawberry juice, fresh lemon, and pink rock salt to round out a delightful, naturally sweet treat.

    And this natural sweetness makes Strawberry Vanilla the mom of every friend group it's in. Responsible and reliable, some may say Strawberry Vanilla is "Type A," but it's really much deeper than that. While it does have its ducks in a row, Strawberry Vanilla also happens to be incredibly passionate and empathetic, making everyone who meets it feel loved and cared for.

    Tropical Punch

    Come surf the tidal wave of tropical fruit flavor that is Tropical Punch!


    Like a vacation for your taste buds, Tropical Punch perfectly balances pineapple, passion fruit, mandarine, and apple juices for a crisp, juicy, and nostalgic flavor reminiscent of your favorite childhood fruit punch.


    As for its personality, it's no surprise that Tropical Punch lives life like it's on a permanent vacation. Every day is an adventure for Tropical Punch, with new wonders to explore. You might find this flavor on the beach with Watermelon Lime or getting up to some shenanigans with Banana Cream. And it's hard not to view life the same way when you're hanging with this Hawaiian t-shirt-wearing and fruit cocktail-holding friend. 

    Doctor Goodwin

    A Dr. Pepper alternative, but with an OLIPOP twist.


    Doctor Goodwin is a swift kick of boldly refreshing flavors with a head-on collision of ingredients like rich plums, sweet prunes, and zesty tart cherries. Plus, a touch of pure vanilla extract for a true soda enigma the Doctor would actually order. 


    And as you might expect, Doctor Goodwin is the nerd of the group. But it accepts that label with pride (as it should!). It's bold, smart, and direct, which can be intimidating at times. After all, Doctor Goodwin isn't afraid to tell it how it is, and it's got an annoying way of being right (most of the time). 

    Ginger Lemon

    Prepare to ommmm after a hint of zest & touch of ginger.


    If namaste were a flavor, it would be Ginger Lemon. Refreshing and delicious, Ginger Lemon combines a kick of ginger with a tang of lemon juice for a complex flavor that manages to remain perfectly balanced.


    And its personality is equally as complex as its flavor. Always in the know but without the know-it-all complex, Ginger Lemon exudes kindness and passion. Extremely well-read, it's a refreshing wealth of knowledge and consistently contributes to a lively conversation. While it is constantly encouraging its friends to join sunrise yoga, Ginger Lemon is incredibly ambitious but doesn't hold grudges for not waking up at the crack of dawn.

    Cherry Vanilla

    More than just the cherry on top, it's the real deal (or a soda you'll seriously cherry-ish).

    It's a cherry pie flavor you can't get enough of. Cherry Vanilla is a combination of tart morello cherries and the sweet tang of rainier cherries, rounded out with the soft and sumptuous taste of the vanilla bean.

    Cherry Vanilla's unique flavor is only matched by its remarkable personality. A charismatic smooth talker, Cherry Vanilla is charming and seriously cool. Everything it does looks effortless, making the rest of the flavors jealous of its smooth appeal.

    Crisp Apple

    Like sparkling apple juice and gummy apple rings blending into one festive drink...

    Crisp Apple is tantalizingly sweet and perfect for raising a glass (or can) to traditions both new and old. It has the flavor profile of a sparkling Martinelli's apple cider, with refreshing carbonation perfectly balanced by a crisp and sweet apple taste.

    And this limited edition flavor knows it's special. It's practically bursting out of its aluminum can, eager to make a toast at every OLIPOP soda flavor family gathering. And while Crisp Apple loves having the spotlight, it's really a family can at heart and revels in spreading the love (and holiday cheer) to everyone it meets.  

    What's the Best OLIPOP Flavor? 

    We have 16 flavors that are all favorite flavor material. Did you learn something new about your favorite flavor? Meet a new friend? If you already have your go-to flavor, we get it. If we’re being honest, we’re happy that you guys found each other and are now flavor soulmates who will enjoy a lifetime of sipping.

    But here's the thing: With so many flavors to try we can't help asking, why limit yourself to one favorite flavor? Spice things up and try something new! All we're saying: today is a good day to make a new friend.

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    • Currently, we have 16 nostalgic and delicious OLIPOP flavors, and each soda has its own unique flavor profile and personality.
    • Every can of OLIPOP has a special blend we refer to as OLISMART, featuring natural ingredients that come together to promote healthy digestion by feeding the microbiome that exists within all of us.
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