Ginger Ale Flavor Deep Dive

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Ginger Ale Flavor Deep Dive

Posted Aug 24, 2023 Updated Apr 15, 2024

We just added a brand-new flavor to our soda lineup, and we’re guessing you’re familiar with this nostalgic classic: it’s ginger ale! Serving a specific function long before “functional beverage” was a buzzword, ginger ale is among the most O.G. “classic” sodas around. And we figured it was about time we put our own OLIPOP twist on this charming and timeless favorite. Here’s everything you need to know about this flavor blast from the past: 

Meet OLIPOP Ginger Ale

Say hello to a timeless classic! Meet our latest flavor to grace the shelves: OLIPOP Ginger Ale. Get ready to crack open a cold, refreshing can of the most deliciously sophisticated Ginger Ale you’ve ever tasted. Made with sweet lime, tart quince, and real ginger root, we just took the old-school Ginger Ale flavor you know and love to new heights. This new flavor pays homage to the ginger ale you grew up sipping… but with a modern, elevated twist and a refreshingly sweet, mildly spiced flavor that will have you feeling all sorts of fancy.

Ginger Ale Inspiration Story

Ginger ale, that effervescent elixir of zest and nostalgia, traces its origins to the 19th century when inventive apothecaries first combined ginger extracts, sugar, and carbonated water to create a fizzy remedy. Originally touted for its potential health benefits, it soon found favor as a delightful beverage, with its popularity soaring during the Prohibition era when it became a non-alcoholic alternative. 

Over the years, ginger ale evolved from a simple tonic to a symphony of flavors, each sip a step back in time, invoking memories of simpler days and cherished moments. Maybe ginger ale reminds you of your childhood or a family member who was always sipping one at the dinner table. Or it sparks memories of summer picnics, front porch swings, or a crackling fireside. (Or maybe it reminds you of plane rides and not-so-fun nauseous moments!) 

Although the world has evolved since people started drinking it, ginger ale hasn’t changed very much over the years. It’s not new, not sexy, and that’s kind of what’s great about it. It’s firmly rooted in our past, both collective and personal. So if you think about it, the fact that we’re putting a modern twist on ginger ale after all these years is kind of a big deal. 

And that’s because we understand that nostalgic step back in time that a sip of ginger ale offers. But we also understand the dangers of all that extra added sugar found in big-brand sodas. Our co-founder and formulator Ben Goodwin believed that all ginger ale lovers deserve a fresh can of tart, spicy flavor without all that extra unhealthy stuff added in. So he set out on a mission to create a ginger ale that tickles your senses with its sweet ginger flavor, envelopes you in a rush of nostalgia, and… doesn’t overwhelm your body with a bucketful of sugar. And, well, we think you’ll like the end result. 

Ginger Ale Nutrition

From soothing upset stomachs to relieving nausea, ginger possesses medicinal properties that make it an incredibly useful and versatile ingredient. However, you won’t find ginger in most ginger ale brands. In fact, most offer little more than artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. But that’s not the case at OLIPOP. Like all our soda flavors, OLIPOP Ginger Ale is just as nutritious as it is delicious. With natural ingredients and real ginger, we’re able to keep that flavor you know and love without sacrificing your health in the process. 

Not only that but our ingredients support healthy digestion by feeding the microbiome that exists within all of us. Our OLISmart blend uses multiple sources of fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals to increase nutritional diversity and feed a broad spectrum of beneficial gut bacteria with every sip. And the combination of fruit acids from the lemon, quince, lime, and apple juice creates a tart tonic flavor that gives way to a mild combination of non-spicy ginger and mulling spices. In other words, it’s the best of both worlds. A modern twist on a traditional beverage, with less sugar and more taste with every sip. 

As a part of their biome-supporting benefits, the fiber and prebiotics in OLIPOP Ginger Ale also aid in slowly dispersing nutrients over the digestive tract's length, feeding the important good bacteria that live there. Fiber is also a key ingredient for digestive health. And it’s a macronutrient that we all need more of since 95% of Americans don’t meet the recommended daily intake

Plus, we flavor all our drinks with stevia instead of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Because stevia is calorie-free, OLIPOP Ginger Ale has only 5 grams of sugar. In comparison, ginger ale sodas from other "big soda" companies can have up to forty-two grams of sugar, plus artificial flavors and colors. Talk about an OLIPOP win!

Where To Buy Ginger Ale

Enough of an introduction, we think it’s time for you to pop open a can and give this new flavor a try yourself! You can buy OLIPOP Ginger Ale and all our flavors on our website. Thirsty now? No problem! Ginger Ale is chilling at a Whole Foods or Target near you! Take a look at our store locator for more information. 

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  • OLIPOP Ginger Ale is made with sweet lime, tart quince, and real ginger root. 
  • This new flavor pays homage to the ginger ale you grew up sipping but with a modern, elevated twist and a refreshingly sweet, mildly spiced flavor that will have you feeling all sorts of fancy.
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