World Environment Day: Here’s How to Join in the Celebrations

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World Environment Day: Here’s How to Join in the Celebrations

Posted Jun 05, 2024 Updated Jun 05, 2024

Today is World Environment Day, an annual celebration to promote worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This year, the theme for World Environment Day 2024 is #GenerationRestoration, with a focus on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. This year’s theme is close to our OLIPOP heart, given we’re on a mission to not only produce healthy, delicious soda but to ensure our products are healthy for the environment, too. At OLIPOP, we’re committed to growing our awareness and improving our social, economic, and environmental impact

So, we’re joining the World Environment Day celebrations, and we hope you will, too! Here’s what it’s all about and how to join in:

What is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is an annual event celebrated on June 5th. The United Nations established it to promote awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This yearly event serves as a platform for raising awareness on pressing environmental issues ranging from marine pollution to global warming to sustainable consumption. It was first held in 1974 and has since grown to become an international platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries.

Each year, a different country hosts World Environment Day, leading the global celebrations while focusing on a specific theme. The themes vary yearly, reflecting various aspects of environmental concerns. This year's focus is on land restoration, halting desertification, and building drought resilience. The idea is that while we can’t turn back time, there are actions we can take today to grow our forests, revive water sources, and bring back soils. 

How to Participate in World Environment Day

Feeling inspired? I know we are! Here are a few ways to join the 2024 World Environment Day celebrations:

  • Explore environmental activities: Discover various activities and initiatives happening around the globe by browsing the World Environment Day map. While some events may be too late to join, you can gain inspiration and ideas for how to participate in future environmental efforts. 
  • Make a personal commitment: Feeling extra motivated? Dedicate yourself to a personal environmental goal, such as reducing plastic use, starting a compost bin, or biking instead of driving. Small actions can make a big difference.
  • Sign up for the newsletter: Get the latest right to your Inbox by signing up for the World Environment Day newsletter, where you can receive updates, stories, news, and tips.
  • Download the Guide: The World Environment Day Practical Guide includes several chapters on food systems, freshwater ecosystems, human habitats, and more. It offers insight into what individuals, governments, cities, and other organizations can do to help. 

There are plenty of ways to join the celebration. But participation in World Environment Day doesn’t need to be anything major; just do your own small part to care for the environment today! Need inspiration? Check out our blog for seven sustainability tips.

Sustainability at OLIPOP: How We’re Joining the World Environment Day Celebration

How are we thinking about the environment at OLIPOP? Great question! From ethical and sustainable sourcing in our supply chain and distribution to the aluminum cans we use for packaging, we’re pretty serious about reducing our environmental impact. Here’s what that looks like in action:

B Corp Certification

On July 12, 2023, OLIPOP became a Certified B Corp with a score of 91, marking our steadfast dedication to positive global impact. This achievement reflects our core values and operational principles. Since then, we’ve increased our B Impact Score from 91 to 93.9, showcasing our continuous improvement in sustainability and ethical practices.

Environmental Initiatives

Our dedication to the environment is demonstrated through comprehensive life cycle assessments, energy usage monitoring, and proactive greenhouse gas emission management. The majority of our inputs prioritize environmental health, highlighting our ongoing efforts to reduce ecological impact.

  • Commitment to Recycled Materials: 60% of OLIPOP’s packaging incorporates recycled content, demonstrating our commitment to reducing environmental impact. And did we mention that aluminum is infinitely recyclable?
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): We conducted an LCA to measure our energy, water, and waste outputs. This assessment provided us with a better understanding of our products' impact, enabling us to concentrate our efforts on areas for improvement.

Ethical Supply Chain Management

Our commitment to sustainability extends to rigorous evaluations of our supply chain, ensuring that our practices meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct: OLIPOP’s stringent Supplier Code of Conduct helps us ensure fair labor, safety, and ethical practices.
  • Sustainable Suppliers: We dedicate a majority of our procurement budget to suppliers committed to sustainability. 
  • Environmental Surveys and Collaboration: 60% of our suppliers engage in environmental sustainability through surveys and collaborative efforts.
  • Long-Standing Relationships: Our average supplier partnership is around three years, emphasizing stability and mutual growth in sustainability.

Introducing Our New Donation Plugin

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature in our Olishop where you can choose a nonprofit to support with 1% of your purchase. Powered by Beam, this initiative aligns with our four main ESG goals, with specific immediate goal posts:

  • Nutrition Access & Education: Fund the delivery of 10,000 servings of produce to families in the U.S. via Partnership for a Healthier America.
  • Food as Medicine: Fund a healthy cooking class for 35 families via Common Threads.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: Fund the planting of 1,100 trees by indigenous women in Central America via Trees, Water & People.
  • Regenerative Agriculture: Fund assistance for 15 farmers adopting climate-resilient farming techniques via the American Farmland Trust.

Sustainability Landing Page 

Lastly, in conjunction with World Environment Day, we’re excited to introduce our Sustainability landing page, a home base for all our sustainability efforts. This new page outlines our commitment to sustainability and details our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental footprint. Go ahead and take a look!

World Environment Day: The Takeaway

World Environment Day is an excellent reminder of our collective responsibility to preserve and protect the planet for future generations. It's an opportunity to reflect on our environmental footprint and take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future. 

And you can be a part of the change! Join the OLIPOP movement today and help us make a healthier, more sustainable world on World Environment Day and beyond. Every action counts, whether choosing our products, sharing our mission, taking small actions like recycling, or engaging in community and local initiatives

Cheat Sheet
  • World Environment Day is an annual celebration to promote worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment.
  • Join us in the celebrations by choosing our products, sharing our mission, taking small actions like recycling, or engaging in community and local initiatives. 
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