Cheers to 2023: Unveiling the Year's Top Health Education Trends

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Cheers to 2023: Unveiling the Year's Top Health Education Trends

Posted Dec 21, 2023 Updated Mar 15, 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on the major health and wellness education themes featured in the OLIPOP Digest blog. And we’ve covered a lot this past year! From added sugar to gut health trends on TikTok to meeting your microbiome. We’ve asked RDs for answers, we’ve debated the pop vs soda showdown, and we’ve launched several brand new flavors like OLIPOP Ginger Ale and Watermelon Lime

It’s been quite an educational and jam-packed year on the blog! But of all the content we’ve featured, here are our top five favorites:

1. Gut Health & Filling the Fiber Gap

We care about filling the fiber gap and supporting your gut health. With just 7% of Americans meeting the daily recommendations for fiber, it’s no surprise that this nutrient is in shortfall. [1] Filling the fiber gap through various plant sources in your diet such as whole grains, seeds, fruits, and veggies — and even some OLIPOP! — can help you meet recommended levels. Prebiotic fibers are of particular importance because they nourish bacteria in your gut and help support overall gut health by helping to produce other good bacteria and beneficial metabolites. 

Need a refresher on the topic? Head to our blogs Understanding The Fiber Gap & 5 Dietitian-Approved Tips For Better Gut Health

2. Sweeteners

With so many sweeteners that exist in food and beverage products today, it can be confusing to understand the differences between them. This past year, we posted a few educational articles on aspartame, sugar alcohol vs stevia, natural vs. refined sugars, and more to help you understand the basic differences and how these sweeteners may impact your health. 

Here are all the sugar and sugar substitute deep dives from the past year: 



3. Hydration, Hydration!

If you are struggling to get your sips, you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans drink 3 cups of water or less each day, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Yes, plain ole water can be boring, but you can spruce it up with sliced lemons or limes or even add some fresh herbs. Still bored? Then it’s time to try an OLIPOP because it’s both hydrating and super yummy!

Give our previous blog on 6 Hydration Hacks a read for more information on how to stay on top of your H2O intake. 

4. Beverages with Benefits

This past year has taught us that so many Americans are turning to foods and beverages that offer health benefits. This is amazing news because that means that Americans are looking to improve their health—and using food as medicine is one way to do it! It looks like foods and beverages with too much added sugar are on their way out and products formulated with nutrients like fiber and prebiotics are on their way in. *OLIPOP enters the chat*  

Need a refresher on this topic? Check out our blog on Beverages with Benefits.

5. Ingredients Matter

At OLIPOP, we strive to carefully select ingredients that provide consumers like you with the taste and mouthfeel you’re looking for, plus the health benefits you deserve. Our delicious sodas contain a blend of 7 unique botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics, each hand-picked for their distinct biome-supporting benefits. And with each new flavor launch, we do our best to share exactly what you’re getting in each can. 

Learn more about the ingredients in one of our newest flavors, Ginger Ale. Plus, get the low-down on all our OLIPOP ingredients

2023 in Review: The Takeaway

From all of us at the OLIPOP family, we wish you peace, happiness, and good health as we close out this year and start fresh in 2024. Cheers to each of you, and we hope that you enjoyed the health and wellness topics in the OLIPOP Digest Blog this past year. Here’s to 2024 and another educational year of gut health topics! Do you have a particular question or topic you’re curious about that you want us to cover in 2024? Shoot us a DM on Instagram or leave us a message


  1. Miketinas D, et al. Usual fiber intake according to Diabetes Status in U.S. Adults, NHANES 2013-2018. British J Nutr  2023; 130(6): 1-26.
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  • 2023 was a big year for beverages with benefits! We talked a lot about the rise of functional beverages on our blog, and what makes a drink functional.
  • Other major themes from the past year include artificial sweeteners, the fiber gap, hydration, and why ingredients matter.
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