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Blackberry Vanilla Flavor Deep Dive

Meet Blackberry Vanilla

Offering a taste and mood inspired by blackberry cobbler fresh from the oven, and gooey homemade jams made from the dark purple berry, OLIPOP Blackberry Vanilla artfully blends blackberry juice with tangy citrus and the warmth and comfort of vanilla, to create a worthy addition to the brand’s diverse line up of nostalgically flavored sodas.

Blackberry Vanilla Inspiration Story

OLIPOP customers around the US were very keen on having a Blackberry Vanilla flavor. So much so, that after one season of the flavor, we brought it back the next year in a super limited edition fashion.

Our co-founder and formulator Ben Goodwin, who typically creates OLIPOP flavors based on memories of foods and flavors from his childhood, and explains he created Blackberry Vanilla based on happy memories he has from hiking in his childhood. “As a kid, we lived in a house with this gigantic blackberry bush in the backyard,” remembers Goodwin. “I’d pick them fresh and eat way too many, or make blackberry pies with my mom. In my 20s, whenever I went hiking, I’d stop at wild blackberry bushes and enjoy picking and eating them straight off the plant. Today, when I hike in and around Santa Cruz, I often walk past blackberry shrubs and they bring back fond memories.”

The seventh flavor we ever made, Blackberry Vanilla is another flavor that invites consumers to trade their sugar-packed regular soda for a can of something healthier! We love that it offers a fun and familiar flavor but also is a truly interesting flavor.

Blackberry Vanilla Nutrition

OLIPOP Blackberry Vanilla has just 5 grams of natural sugar, 10 grams of fiber, 50 calories per 12 fl oz serving, and contains one-third of recommended daily fiber.

Blackberry Vanilla Reviews

It’s always a good sign when the makers are fans of their products. For Blackberry Vanilla, that is definitely the case for most, if not all, of us on team OLIPOP. As Ariel, our Community Associate, says, “I love Blackberry Vanilla because it is creamy, fruity, and delicious! Blackberry Vanilla has this cozy, nostalgic flavor that makes me feel like the holidays are truly here. I just want to sip it from a Coupe glass at a New Year’s party!

But, of course, we might be slightly biased. So, we'll let real consumers share their opinions as well:

  • Tricia L - “This is the best flavor!! Wish this could be a staple flavor year-round.”
  • Christina B - “Blackberry Vanilla is my favorite! Please put it back on the order options, I would love another case or two!!”
  • Dulce F - “What an AWESOME seasonal flavor! ... We absolutely loved it!”

Where to purchase Blackberry Vanilla

Want to give it a try? Get on it fast because our Blackberry Vanilla flavor is back on rotation for a limited time only, which means: a) it's going fast and b) it's only available for one-time orders. If you’re a subscriber, however, you'll have to place a separate order for Blackberry Vanilla (and quickly, too!).

Pro tip: grab this limited-edition flavor while you still can!

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