OLIPOP First Beverage to Achieve Prebiotic Verified Product Certification

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OLIPOP First Beverage to Achieve Prebiotic Verified Product Certification

Posted Nov 09, 2023 Updated Jun 17, 2024

Extra, extra, read all about it… OLIPOP is the first beverage to gain prebiotic-verified product certification by NutraStrong. Our full product line—all 16 flavors!—are prebiotic certified. We’re excited to lead the way in brand quality and transparency in the prebiotic space. But what does prebiotic certification even mean, and why should you care? Let’s start with some basics. 

What is NutraStrong™ Prebiotic Verified Product Certification?

NutraStrong™ is an industry-wide program that classifies specific standards for a product category—in this case for beverages. These standards help set the foundation for quality and testing to ensure the market provides consumers with a high-caliber product. This program is also designed to monitor and bring to light misleading claims and products that aren’t meeting those standards so consumers can make better-informed food and beverage decisions. 

As the functional soda category continues to gain momentum and see the entry of more brands in the space, it’s critical to have standards in place so consumers know which brands to trust. With a NutraStrong™ certification, OLIPOP can promise consumers that what’s in the can is actually in the can. So you can trust that you're getting the real deal. 

What Standards Does OLIPOP Have to Meet to Get Prebiotic Verified Product Certification?

To achieve NutraStrong™ Prebiotic Verified Product Certification, OLIPOP needs to adhere to a few key categories of quality standardization. This includes 3rd party verification of label quality, manufacturing quality, testing quality, and corporate values:

  • Label quality: The quantity and potency of the prebiotics in our soda are in line with the claimed health benefits and are accurately depicted on our labels. This means that OLIPOP has sufficient levels of specific prebiotics to ensure the digestive health benefits listed on the can. The amount and type of prebiotics have been scientifically validated to provide these health benefits. Additionally, the product is tested routinely to ensure that the amount of prebiotics matches what is stated on the label as fiber. 
  • Manufacturing quality: We adhere to good manufacturing practices, food safety standards, and controls which ensure that every lot of OLIPOP is a high-quality product.
  • Testing quality: We utilize appropriate lot-to-lot testing with industry-standard validated testing methods. These tests confirm the prebiotic levels and make certain there are no contaminants like pathogens or pesticides. 
  • Corporate values: We're not just your average soda company. At OLIPOP, we're on a mission to use soda as a force for good. We meet this pillar of the NutraStrong™ certification by providing insight into what drives our company beyond the bottom line including our sustainability efforts, B corp certification, research partnerships, and more. 

How Does OLIPOP Work to Achieve Prebiotic Certification?

How do we achieve all of this at OLIPOP? It involves a few moving parts. As a brand, we work closely as a team to formulate research-backed ingredients. We also monitor new studies and research at the ingredient level to ensure that each flavor is in line with our formula.

We also care about the science behind our product and work very closely with our renowned science advisory board (SAB) to gain expert opinion and build strategic scientific roadmaps for the future. Last but certainly not least, we have an excellent quality team that monitors the product through shelf-life testing and collects key data points to ensure our product is good all the way through to our expiration date. All of this requires a team effort.

One of our SAB members, Dr. Joanne Slavin Ph.D., RDN mentioned, “I support strong science and documentation for prebiotic fiber claims. Picking fibers with known prebiotic research gives confidence to consumers that the fibers added to products will deliver health benefits”.

Additionally, our Sr. Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs, Mike Weiser, notes, “OLIPOP built the functional soda category. As the leader, we believe it’s important to set the standard for quality, efficacy & values. Naturally, we’re thrilled that OLIPOP is the FIRST beverage to gain NutraStrong™ Prebiotic Verified Product Certification! We hope this promotes a level playing field for the functional soda & digestive health beverage category”.

Sip With Confidence Thanks to Prebiotic Verified Product Certification

At OLIPOP, we aim to feed the microbiome that exists within all of us with high fiber in every can. With our NutraStrong™ Prebiotic Verified Product Certification we can offer some extra assurance that as a brand, we’re keeping that promise. This means that no matter your flavor of choice, every single can of OLIPOP is exactly what it says it is: a burst of delicious fiber and flavor with every sip. As the first beverage to meet this high level of brand quality and transparency, we’re also proud to help set the standard for other sodas and functional beverages. So grab a can and let’s cheer to that! 

Cheat Sheet
  • OLIPOP is the first beverage to gain prebiotic-verified product certification by NutraStrong™.
  • NutraStrong™ is an industry-wide program that sets specific quality standards to ensure the market is providing consumers with a high-caliber product.
  • With this certification, OLIPOP can offer extra assurance that what is in the can is actually in the can.
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