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Real Love Makes Us: Celebrating Good Times With Good People

Posted May 04, 2023 Updated Apr 15, 2024

It’s an exciting time for us here at OLIPOP! We’re launching our first-ever brand campaign, Real Love Makes Us, a collaboration with the one and only Camila Cabello. Why Real Love? Because it’s the most powerful thing on earth. Why soda? Keep reading to find out… 

Why Is OLIPOP Talking About Real Love?

Let’s get right into it. 40 million Americans say they have no close friends. 61% of young people (aged 18-25) frequently feel lonely.1 American happiness has hit record lows. I’m sorry, but we’re gonna have to quote the Black Eyed Peas 2003 hit song right now and ask, where is the love? But how does all this involve OLIPOP? 

What’s Soda Got to Do With It?

You might think humans are at our happiest when we’re receiving big recognition or crossing huge milestones, but we believe it’s the seemingly insignificant moments shared with the people we love that bring us the most happiness. Family movie nights, road trips, Sundays on the couch. Soda lives in the background of these moments. This means it can be more than just a refreshing beverage…It’s also a connection to the people we love.

The Real Love Makes Us campaign is about turning OLIPOP into a symbol of good times shared with good people. This is our declaration of love! We wanna be there in the background of all those little moments (that are actually the ones that matter most). 

Soda That’s Made to Share

You can feel good about sharing OLIPOP with the people you love because we make our soda with wholesome ingredients, not spoonfuls of sugar. Instead of high fructose corn syrup, we sweeten OLIPOP with natural ingredients like cassava root, Stevia, and fruit juices. Plus each can contains prebiotics, aka fuel for the probiotics that already live in your gut. So when you drink OLIPOP, our prebiotics work together with the probiotics in your gut to support your microbiome (and an array of other amazing human functions!).

Ready to share the love? Learn more about Real Love, grab a can today, and join Camila and our OLIPOP team in celebrating good times with good people (and good beverages!). 


  1. Gilbert, E. (2023b, April 15). Americans more than ever have no friends. Here are 5 steps to make more friends. Big Think. Retrieved May 1, 2023, from
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