Classic Root Beer Flavor Deep Dive

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Classic Root Beer Flavor Deep Dive

Posted Jul 11, 2021 Updated Apr 15, 2024

Did somebody say root beer that's actually good for you? Yup, that was us. We said it, and now that we've said it, we'll start explaining it. Knowing we could never go wrong with a classic flavor, we brought back the nostalgic Root Beer taste you love with nutrients you need. Our Classic Root Beer is rich, sweet, and creamy— with prebiotics, plant fibers, and botanicals for gut support that feels as good as it tastes (and it tastes really, really good).

Root Beer’s Inspiration Story

Every OLIPOP flavor has a familiar, iconic taste profile. And we did not stray from that when we created our Classic Root Beer. For us, a sip of root beer triggers a rush of nostalgia. It brings back sweet memories of childhood, like recollections of sharing an ice cream float with a friend or sitting at a diner with a straw and pop with family. Knowing we weren't the only ones with these fond memories, we took these familiar and nostalgic feelings you love about root beer, and we hate to brag, but we made them even better.

The food you eat nourishes your body, so why not make it so that the soda you love can too? That’s why we created a microbiome-supporting version of the very classic American beverage. Instead of taking away from the soda experience and making it less than (yeah, we're talking to you big soda with your "zero" advertising campaigns), we added and improved it by formulating a delicious version that also imparts nutritional benefits. It's a win for everyone: your taste buds, your health, and well, for us too!

Root Beer Nutrition

This is not your average 44-grams-of-sugar-per-can root beer soda. OLIPOP’s Root Beer is made with just two grams of sugar from cassava root syrup and real fruit juice with just an extra kiss of sweetness from stevia.

Our plant-based ingredients are the ultimate dream team and work together to support healthy digestion and feed the microbiome that exists within all of us. Our sodas are made with OLISMART: our in-house proprietary blend of seven unique botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics, each hand-picked for their biome-supporting benefits. Within our OLISMART blend, we combine three different prebiotic fibers—chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, and cassava fiber—that feed the gut microbiome.

Thanks to our OLISMART blend, we successfully squeeze in a whopping nine grams of fiber in every flavor. This is pretty wild considering that's 32% of the fiber intake recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (they’re the ones who set the daily fiber intake on every nutrition label)!

Root Beer Food Pairings

Around here, we talk a lot about prebiotics and what they mean. But here's the deal: prebiotics are the food that makes your gut happy and healthy. Essentially, they are the fuel that the beneficial bacteria in your gut need to fight off the bad guys (i.e., the bad bacteria). It kind of sounds like there's a "James Bond" movie going on in your gut, and frankly, we're okay with it.

The "cool" thing about making your gut happy is it can be outrageously delicious. Getting the nutrients your gut needs can be as simple and easy as pairing your OLIPOP with your favorite foods. And we've found some delicious Root Beer and food pairings we think you're going to drool over.

Root Beer & Hamburgers

A burger and pop? Please name something more classic... we'll wait. Add some tangy pickles to your burger, and then you've got yourself a meal your body will love inside and out.

Root Beer & Hot Dogs

Somebody, pretty please take us out to the ball game! And if you don't, at least take us out for some hot dogs so we can throw in some fermented sauerkraut or relish all over it and make it a good-gut day.

Root Beer & Chicken Wings

Sure, chicken wings might not be the first food that comes to mind when you think “gut health,” but pair this classic bar food with a can of OLIPOP, and your microbiome will thank you.

Root Beer & Ice Cream

Lastly, we recommend pairing our Classic Root Beer with your favorite ice cream! Not only do we love it for triggering old memories of sharing ice cream floats with friends, but because it’s the ultimate complementary flavor experience. Name a more iconic dessert duo. Seriously try–don't worry, we’ll wait...

Root Beer Reviews

We know the drill. Can you really believe what a brand says about its own product? While we pride ourselves on being honest and forthcoming with our consumers, we still know there are a few skeptics out there. Instead of doubling down on sales-y and marketing talk, we'll let the reviews of our delicious flavor speak for themselves:

  • "So tasty, so refreshing, and only 35 calories! Amazing. We enjoyed OLIPOP Root Beer floats last night with vanilla ice cream. Quite the treat!! It's becoming a staple in our house in just a few short weeks!" - Penny V.
  • "The last time I had a root beer beverage was about 15 years ago. Had to try this one, and let me say—I now need a case. Best. Drink. Ever!" - Sophie A.
  • "I love all the OLIPOP flavors, but this is definitely my favorite! It tastes like the best of root beers, and of course, is much healthier than the rest. Get on it!" - Tibet S.
  • "My expectations for this root beer were pretty high, and they were not disappointed!! This is so yummy!! Thank you for making a beverage with high-quality ingredients that I can feel good about when drinking it!!" - Kim B.

Where to Purchase OLIPOP Classic Root Beer

Want to give this American classic a try? We don't blame you! You can buy all of our flavors at several retailers and locations. To find a store near you, use this nifty tool that lets you search by location. And don't worry if we're not currently near you, we're still adding more!

If you're not into going to the store, we can also come to you! If you head to our shop page, you can order your favorite flavors, and they'll be on your front doorstep before you know it. Be sure to check out our Classic Pack if you're an old fashion soda lover. Featuring a modern take on timeless flavors, this variety pack includes our Classic Root Beer (of course), Vintage Cola pop, delicious Cream Soda, and our Dr. Pepper alternative, Doctor Goodwin! These are best enjoyed with loved ones and a long walk down memory lane...

Cheat Sheet
  • Our Classic Root Beer is rich, sweet, and creamy with prebiotics, plant fibers, and botanicals for gut support that feels as good as it tastes. 
  • This is not your average 44-grams-of-sugar-per-can root beer soda. Our root beer is made with just 2g of sugar from cassava root syrup and real fruit juice with just an extra kiss of sweetness from stevia. 
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