We Asked the Community: What’s the Best OLIPOP Flavor?

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We Asked the Community: What’s the Best OLIPOP Flavor?

Posted May 16, 2024 Updated May 16, 2024

At OLIPOP, we've always believed that our community's voice matters most. That's why we recently turned to our OLIPOP Nation Facebook group to settle one of life's most important questions: What’s the best OLIPOP flavor? 

With excitement brewing and taste buds tingling, we launched a poll asking members to cast their votes for their favorite OLIPOP beverage. With 16 delicious, bubbly flavors, each with its own unique taste and personality, we knew this wasn’t an easy question to answer! OLIPOP Nation member Marah Wehler said it best: “I think this is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked.” We couldn’t agree more. From the juicy Tropical Punch to the timeless appeal of Vintage Cola, the choices are as diverse as our community itself. But, we were tempted to hear what you had to say. 

So, what’s OLIPOP Nation’s favorite OLIPOP flavor? After a flurry of over 270 votes, four flavors emerged as the clear favorites: Classic Root Beer, Cream Soda, Classic Grape, and Vintage Cola. Here’s why our community voted these flavors as their top picks: 

1. Classic Root Beer

With its nostalgic charm and smooth, sweet flavor (thanks to extracts of sweet birch, smooth vanilla bean, and naturally sourced burdock root!), Classic Root Beer emerged as a crowd-pleaser, capturing the hearts of many in the OLIPOP community. And who doesn’t love a healthy, delicious spin on a timeless classic?! Here’s why members of OLIPOP Nation voted for Classic Root Beer as their favorite flavor: 

  • “Root beer, because it’s the classic flavor I’m always craving and it tastes smooth and creamy.” - Grace P.
  • “I love the root beer with vanilla ice cream.” - Julianne V.
  • “I love them all, but love Root Beer the most! It’s nostalgic, delicious, and I feel good about drinking it….and it’s amazing mixed with RumChata.” - Trisha B. 
  • “Root beer is my favorite because it has a natural taste that feels earthy yet sweet without the artificial taste like other root beer sodas.” - Daniel M. 
  • “Root beer is so smooth and creamy with a terrific caramel aftertaste.” - Jeanne M. 

2. Cream Soda

Delighting taste buds with its creamy vanilla goodness, Cream Soda secured its spot as a cherished favorite among OLIPOP enthusiasts. It could be because this flavor is like spooning fluffy, sweet marshmallow cream straight out of the jar… but even better. With irresistibly decadent natural vanilla flavors and premium pure vanilla extract, it’s a sumptuous, smooth soda that’s an easy favorite for many members of our OLIPOP Nation. Here’s why they love it: 

  • “Absolutely love cream soda!!! I was trying to find a healthy alternative and found OLIPOP and fell in love. Every single flavor is so amazing, my favorite is cream and my partner’s favorite is Vintage Cola. We are huge OLIPOP lovers and always have at least one (usually more) in our fridge.” - Gabby S.
  • “Cream soda is so smooth and delicious!!! Perfect vanilla-inspired beverage.” - Matt D.
  • “I love the cream soda! It’s not easily found! It reminds [me] of my childhood days.” - Aisha J.
  • “Cream soda is the best! The taste transports you back to childhood! It has the sweet, yet, bubbly soda flavor that can replace a dessert. I always have some stocked for a craving!🥤” - Ali S. 

3. Classic Grape

Bursting with bold grape flavor and just the right amount of fizz, Classic Grape proves that sometimes the classics truly reign supreme. And our OLIPOP Nation would agree! Made from real concord grape juice with a hint of lime to create the perfect blend of sweet and tart, our Classic Grape is the nostalgic flavor these members of our OLIPOP Nation love to sip. Here’s why they chose Classic Grape as their favorite:

  • “I love grape soda however I am thrilled that you have an alternative better for you option that tastes just as delicious!” - Brittany Z.
  • “I love them all but grape is so spot on and the taste is 🔥!!” - Stephanie W. 
  • “Grape is my absolute FAV!!” - Megan S.
  • “Grape!!! 🍇💜 It tastes just like grape juice!” - Rachael Y.
  • “I love grape! Not only do I delight in its fruity/tart taste, I feel great getting the same refreshing feeling from a healthy alternative as I do a crisp soda. 🍇😋 This drink also helps keep my digestive system regulated.” - Jamaya J. 
  • “Omg Grape! It reminds me of grape Fanta which was my favorite when I used to drink soda.” - Cathay M. 
  • “Grape is my favorite. It has such a great true grape flavor.” - Monica C. 
  • “Love the grape! So refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness.” - Kara M. 

4. Vintage Cola

Rounding out the top four, Vintage Cola charmed voters with its timeless taste and refreshing twist on a beloved classic. It has the same old-fashioned taste you grew up loving but is naturally enhanced with distinct notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel. It strikes a delicate and delicious balance between healthy and crave-able, making this an easy favorite for many members of the community. Here’s why members of OLIPOP Nation voted for Vintage Cola as their favorite flavor: 

  • “Vintage Cola. First flavor I ever bought. Usually have one of these a day for the past year or so at least.” - Robbie H.
  • “This is my favorite flavor!! It’s so delicious.” - Valerie C. 
  • “Vintage Cola has a great refreshing taste. Enjoy drinking without the bad aftertaste from other soda. Yours is very refreshing.” - Barbara E.

Honorable Mentions

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone and every taste bud! So even though these flavors didn’t make the top four, that doesn’t mean they aren’t beloved favorites. Here are other flavor shout-outs from the community:

  • Cherry Vanilla was the first OLIPOP flavor I ever tried, and it opened my eyes to the world of high-fiber, low-sugar soda! I've always loved the cherry flavor (including what OLIPOP has done with Cherry Cola), and this is one is perfect — sweet but not too tart.” - David K. 
  • “I've enjoyed every flavor I've tried, but Cherry Cola is the one that prompted me to subscribe because I didn't want to risk finding it out of stock at the store.” - Jay C. 
  • Crisp Apple is my favorite😍🍎 It's my favorite fruit, and OLIPOP nailed the flavor! I love to drink it to help me cut back on my pop & get my fiber in.” - Natalie R. 
  • Lemon Lime is my absolute favorite! It’s so crisp and refreshing - switched from sprite to Lemon Lime and will never go back! I love all the flavors but I can’t live without Lemon Lime.” - Jacqueline S. 
  • Ginger Ale!!🫚💚😍 I love that they’re low sugar & have fiber! I had 3 OLIPOP one day... can’t stop won’t stop😂 and it was a fraction of the sugar that’s in one Coke😳😂 … So happy OLIPOP exists🥳🥳” - Amber W. 
  • Orange Squeeze is my favorite and I love that I can still drink orange soda without dyes and high fructose corn syrup!” - Victoria G.
  • “The Watermelon Lime is so refreshing - can’t wait to sip them this summer!!” - Nicole O. 
  • Tropical Punch reminds me of my vacations in Puerto Rico.” - Andrew L.

Favorite OLIPOP Flavor: The Takeaway

As we reflect on our poll results, one thing is abundantly clear: the OLIPOP Nation is a community united by a shared love for delicious, better-for-you beverages. Whether you're sipping on Root Beer, indulging in Cream Soda, enjoying the nostalgic taste of Classic Grape, or embracing the vintage vibes of Vintage Cola, we're grateful to have you along for the ride. So, what’s your favorite flavor? Honestly, why choose? You’ve got 16 new favorites right here waiting for you. 

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  • We asked our OLIPOP Nation Facebook group: what’s your favorite OLIPOP flavor? We got over 270 votes in just over a week. 
  • Four flavors emerged as the clear favorites in our poll: Classic Root Beer, Cream Soda, Classic Grape, and Vintage Cola.
  • Each flavor offers something different for everyone and every taste bud, so we challenge you to try them all!
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